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Prescription charges-applying for reimbursement

Published 10/07/2012

We now have more information about prescription charges in Spain. In this article we summarise the current situation and explain how you can apply for a reimbursement if you have exceeded the maximum amount you must pay each month. 

Gradually we have seen more information about Spanish prescription charges coming through. It has been a slow process and uncertainty around who will pay what, has caused quite a lot of anxiety amongst residents of all nationalities. 

We are now clear that:


Pensioners with an income below  18,000€ Pay 10% towards the cost Maximum payment of 8€ per month
Pensioners with an income above 18,000€ but less than 100,000€ Pay 10% towards the cost Maximum payment of 18€ per month
Pensioners with an income above 100,000€ Pay 10% towards the cost Maximum payment of 60€ per month 
Non-pensioners with an income below 18,000€ Pay 40% towards the cost N/A
Non-pensioners with an income above 18,000€ but less than 100,000€ Pay 50% towards the cost N/A
Non-pensioners with an income above 100,000€ Pay 60% towards the cost N/A



Your income is established through your Spanish annual resident tax declaration (IRPF). If you haven’t made one of these you will always be charged a set percentage and will not be eligible for any reimbursement once your maximum payment has been reached.

In order to get your money back on your prescription charge in Spain if you’ve made your IRPF and you’ve gone over your 8€ or 18€ limit there is a process to go through. This varies according to which region you live in. Here’s what you must do if you live in the Comunidad Valenciana:

1. keep all your receipts for the medication you’ve paid for and a copy of the prescriptions

2. collect two forms from either the Salud or by downloading from the internet
  a. modelo de domiciliación bancaria – includes your bank details, address and contact details


  b. modelo solicitud general – includes your request


3. Complete the forms with your details and attach a:

  • photocopy of the receipts from the pharmacy
  • photocopy of your passport 
  • photocopy of your residencia (green paper) 
  • photocopy of your SIP card (both sides) 

4. Take both forms, a copy of the forms and  attachments to either your nearest post office or town hall – also take the originals of the documents listed above with you 

5. In three months the additional money you’ve paid out should be returned to your bank account 

It is a process that will take a little practice and everyone is learning as they go along exactly how it will settle in the long term. If you do have a fiscal representative in Spain, like Ábaco, you might reasonably expect them to receive some advice on completing your first forms. Hopefully after that the process will become a little easier. 

For those with health problems this represents an added concern at a time when they need it least. No doubt the pharmacies and town halls aren’t overjoyed either. However, it’s important to remember that this process applies to Spanish nationals too and that the welfare and health system in the UK is going through a similar process of reform. A sign of the times that there’s probably no escaping wherever you might choose to live. 

If you would like to make sure that your Spanish prescriptions charges accurately reflect your income you need to have made an annual resident tax declaration (IRPF). If you would like more information about this you can contact us on 96 670 3748 or visit our website www.abacoconnect.com


Caroline Clinton

Caroline Clinton
Customer Care Department

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  • “We were receiving mixed messages on this subject from our friends and neightbours. It's goog to know the REAL situation! We appreciated very much the services provided by Abaco on this and all other information received during our years with you.”

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