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Applying for a Spanish disabled parking badge

Published 03/06/2009

We are often asked how to apply for a disabled parking badge. There is now a standard European badge, valid for use throughout Europe...

The disability badge is issued to the person using it, not to the vehicle, which means that you can be a driver in your own car or a passenger in someone else´s. 

To be able to apply in Spain for this badge, the qualifications are as follows:-
• You must be a Resident
• You must be registered on the municipal padrón (register of residents) at your Town Hall
• You have a recognised condition of disability
• Your condition prevents you from using public transport.

You apply in the first instance at your Town Hall.  The application form is called a ´Solicitud de Reconocimiento de la Condición de la Minusvalida´.  Once you have completed and submitted this form you will receive an appointment for a medical assessment at your nearest ´centre for diagnosis´ (Centro de Diagnostico y Orientación) at which your entitlement will be decided.  For residents living within the province of Alicante, the examination centre is at 37, Calle Teatro, Alicante.

Parking Bays – disabled parking bays are easily recognisable by the white symbol of a wheelchair painted in the bay.  Please be aware that the unauthorised use of a disabled badge may result in the removal of the vehicle.

Ana Mielgo

Ana Mielgo
Legal Executive

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