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Building extensions and alterations

Published 03/07/2009

This is a broad subject however here is a quick guide to just a few important steps that must be taken when making any alterations to your property.

Firstly we consider it of vital importance to obtain a written quotation, followed by a signed contract incorporating the final quotation, without possibility of variation, and the completion date without a permitted extension period. If the construction is not completed on time the first step towards making a legal reclamation against the constructor is to send a notification either via Public Notary, registered mail or burofax. Each method will result in the constructor’s receipt of the notification being recorded and the delay legally recognized. To accomplish this action we recommend that you use the services of a solicitor who is a specialist in this are and will offer advice and ensure that your rights are not jeopradized.

The aforementioned contract should also oblige the constructor to draw up plans and obtain the necessary building permit from the Town Hall to eliminate the possibility of future fines or even demolition.

Furthermore, in cases where the extension is considered to be a major, as opposed to minor work, such as increase in volume, modification of usage or change in the exterior structure of the building a certificate of occupancy, which is legally necessary, should be demanded.

In the situation that the property is part of a community, subject to the Spanish Law of Horizontal Property, it is usual that permission to make alterations to the property must be obtained from the community committee unless the regulations of the community state otherwise.

Professional advice and assistance is essential in all aspects of building reform.

Pablo Arteaga

Pablo Arteaga

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