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The Certificate of First Occupation

Published 26/06/2009

The First Occupation Certificate, or Habitation Certificate is a document issued by the Town Hall as a result of the inspection of the property by the Urban Development Department technician...

The first occupation certificate confirms that the property has been completed correctly and complies with all the stipulations made in the General Municipal Plan.

The document must be obtained if the property is to be legally occupied and it is necessary for the contracting of the utility services such as water, electric, gas etc.

The certificate verifies that the construction, whether it be an entire new dwelling, an extension, a modification to an existing dwelling or a reformation, has been completed according to the basic project submitted previously to the Town Hall in order to obtain the Building License.

In the case of new developments its application is the obligation of the developer who must then make it available to the property owner.

Marina Lorente

Marina Lorente

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