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The difference between Urban and Rustic Land

Published 02/07/2009

Under Spanish Law there are two main classifications of land, in this article we explain the two and the differences.

1.- Suelo Urbano (Urban Land = Residential)

This land can be legally built on. Development is permitted and the legal infrastructure for all necessary and basic services (including drainage, roads, pavements, electricity and water) is guaranteed by the Public Administration Office of the local or provincial authority as relevant.

2.- Suelo Rústico (Rustic Land = Non Residential)

This land is not currently within the relevant Town Hall’s approved development plan (*see below) and therefore does not have building permission. There can be no legal supply of basic services (drainage, roads, pavements, electricity and water). To qualify for consideration for building permission a plot of land must be of a minimum size (ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 square metres depending on the regulations of the particular area). Anyone thinking of buying an isolated “finca” should have the land classification (and therefore the legalities of the building) checked before parting with any money!

(* There are times when every Town Hall needs to increase its Urban area by converting some Rustic into Urban land. Before the land can be reclassified, a Development Plan has to be drawn up and officially approved.)

Marina Lorente

Marina Lorente

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