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Documents required to sell a property

Published 07/07/2009

In the current economic climate, many of our clients have been looking at selling their Spanish property, but this procedure must be performed in a correct, fully safe and legal manner...

Have you considered selling your property but you just don’t know where to start?

Within Ábaco Asesores  we have  highly  qualified team of   resale   specialists  who will be pleased  to   explain  to you, in a free, no-obligation  consultation,  the selling procedure and the different expenses and taxes involved. Even if you have not made a definite decision to sell, but would like information in readiness for when the time comes, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

To enable us to act for you in the sale of your property you will need to provide us with the following original documents:

-Purchase Title Deed
-Receipt for Notary Fees (purchase)
-Receipt for Local Rates/Council Tax (IBI)
-Latest water bill and contract (or the reference of the contract)
-Latest electricity bill and contract (or the reference of the contract)
-Receipt for the last payment of the Community Fees
-Name and telephone number of the administrator of the Community of Owners
-NIE number
-Certificate of Habitation
-Installation Certificates for electricity, water and gas
-Wealth and Income Tax Declarations from the previous year
-Certificate from your bank showing your full name and the account number (20 digits)
-If you have already received a deposit from a potential purchaser, we will require proof of this payment.

Please bear in mind  that  you  should  not sign any kind of sale agreement or contract  without  prior consultation   with  our  resale  department as  they will  ensure  that  the contract  protects   your  rights and  interests in a   fully  legal  way.

Pilar Ruso

Pilar Ruso
Legal Executive

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