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Mud and Salt!

Published 24/06/2009

Mud and Salt might not sound too enticing, however when used in the right manner can be not only relaxing but also very therapeutic.

Just a short drive south from Torrevieja lies the region of Murcia, and the ´lagoon´ of Mar Menor.  On the northern end of the lagoon is Lo Pagan mud bathing site.  Here you will see people of all ages plastering themselves with the black mud – and you may well ask “Why??” 

Well, the high percentage of sun hours each year has an effect on the sediment of very rich mineral salts in the warm water and this produces a black mud on the seabed which is reputed to cure rheumatism, osteoarthritis, skin problems such as abscesses, sores, boils and acne, and even the ageing of the skin! 

The mineral salts are high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromine, iodine and fluorine.

You plaster yourself in the mud – wear bathing clothes you won´t want to use for anything else! – and let it dry in the sun.   Apparently, the mud causes an activation of the whole blood system and the elimination of toxic waste from the body – which in turn causes easing of muscles and freeing up of joints.

Once it´s baked, you wash the mud off in the salt channel – and maybe cake yourself in salt and use this to exfoliate the skin - then rinse... and you´re done!! 

The therapeutic properties of mud and clays have been known since ancient times, particularly in China and India.  Everyone should try it, even if it´s only once!!!   The Lo Pagan mud bath site belongs to the people – and it´s free!

Salt Facts
• Salt is necessary to human life and we need to maintain the body´s salt balance. 
• 70% of our bodyweight is liquid and 90% of the ions dissolved in our blood are sodium (salt) – necessary (along with potassium and calcium) for muscle contraction and the rhythm of our heartbeat. 
• The movement of sodium entering and leaving our nerve fibres plays an important part in the operation of our nervous system. 
• Faced with any major body changes (car accident, medical operation, heart attack etc) the doctor´s first action is to put the patient on a saline drip – salt going straight into the bloodstream. 
• The minimum quantity of salt we should have daily is 2 grams, with anything up to 15 grams being considered normal.  If we consume too much salt the kidneys flush it

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