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The Isle of Tabarca – a jewel in the Mediterranean

Published 01/07/2009

Just off the Alicante coastline lies the small yet enchanting island of Tabarca...

Tabarca measures only 1,800 metres by 400 metres, this tiny island was formed by volcanic lava and is now a protected nature reserve. 

The island was named ´Tabarca´ in 1768 by Carlos III, after the Tunisian island of Tabarka from where he had purchased the freedom of 300 Genoese prisoners (for 1,200 pesetas per head). These ex-captives were settled on ´our´ Tabarca and were its first inhabitants. 

On Tabarca these days you will find a quiet fishing village, several reasonably priced fresh seafood restaurants, two small hotels, a rocky beach with clear turquoise water and several coves ideal for bathing.  Perfect for a day trip or a weekend break, Tabarca can be reached by boat either from Alicante (1 hour) or Santa Pola (30 minutes).

Eugenia Kharchenko

Eugenia Kharchenko
Customer Care Department

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