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The Padron and Residency Certificates – the procedure explained

Published 06/07/2009

Here we will explain the procedure to obtaining your Residency Certificate and your Padrón

Until last year, to apply for the Certificate of Residency, it was necessary for you to first go to your Town Hall and request a special document called a certificate of “empadronamiento” or “padrón”. This confirmed that you were registered with your local Town Hall and allowed you to then proceed with the residency application.

Since the beginning of this year the procedure is now exactly the opposite. You will need the Certificate of Residency to be able to register with the Town Hall, meaning that you can only get the padrón if you are resident in Spain. 

The Residency Certificate must be applied for personally from the Foreigner’s Office in the province of residency or the corresponding National Police station. Prior to submitting the application an administration fee has to be paid to the authorities via selected banks.

Ábaco can assist you in the application process and we provide a one trip only, door to door service. An experienced member of staff will collect and accompany you to the appropriate Foreigner’s Office or National Police station where he/she will deal with the application in the manner required (this can vary from office to office). Your Residency Certificate will be obtained during this single appointment.

Many residents eventually decide to leave Spain and become residents elsewhere. In this case the residency in Spain must be cancelled to avoid complications with the Tax Authorities both here and in the new country of residency. This information must be provided, in person, to same authority which approved the residency originally.   Should this situation apply to you Abaco will, of course, be happy to assist you with the cancellation.

As already  mentioned  initially,  once  you have  obtained  your  Certificate of Residency,   you  can   register on the padron  of   your local  Town Hall by  producing  the original Residency Certificate  together with   your identity  document (passport)  and  documentation  relating to  the property where  you actually   reside  e.g.  copy of Purchase Deed or rental contract and latest utility bills.  

Pilar Ruso

Pilar Ruso
Legal Executive

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