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Welcome to the November issue of 'The Word on the Street'. Your monthly news and information from Spain provided by Ábaco Asesores. In a couple of columns we hope to keep you in touch with the news, events and just a little bit of gossip.

Front of Sea, Alicante

Sea front


You might have noticed that the newsletter has been absent for a couple of months. The reason? We have been very busy with Imserso (hopefully lots of you will have booked your holidays by now). Excuses aside, we are back now and will try to keep you up-to-date with what's been happening and what's being planned.

Our new ÁbacoInheritance Service

We know from talking to our clients and from the queries we receive, just how many people are anxious about inheritance. The inheritance laws in Spain are very different and can be complicated. There is no automatic transfer of property to the next of kin and inheritance tax often applies.

Following the success of our ÁbacoConnect service our new ÁbacoInheritance service provides similar online accessibility. It includes two specific services. Firstly for inheritors, with a comprehensive package to enable them to access their inheritance and take possession of any property. Secondly, a will-making service for those wishing to plan for the future.

For more information go to the website or call us on (+34) 96 571 26 56.

What would you like to know?

Our Ábaco clients will very shortly be receiving their hot-off-the-press copy of Ábaco Magazine No. 23 in the post.

We publish two magazines every year and feature a range of articles about legal and tax matters as well as more general articles about living in Spain. It's a mammoth task sending them out to countries all over the world and in three different languages!

It's like the Forth Bridge. One magazine roles off the production line and we're already on with the next. This time we would like your ideas too. What would you like to have information about? We can't promise to write about everything but we feel that there may well be gaps in your knowledge about home ownership in Spain that we can help fill.

We all need a little HELP sometimes

Particularly when you're living in or visiting a foreign country. So, it's useful to know that there are people out there who can help you in times of crisis or if you just need some information. The HELP Association, Vega Baja, advertise that they 'help people of all ages with all sorts of problems' - they have a 24 hour emergency line and there are many useful and informative leaflets on their website

Another source of help for those living on the Orihuela Costa is Denise Wesserling. She is the new coastal residents' officer. She is based at Orihuela Town Hall and can be contacted at 966 760 000 or by emailing



The non-resident tax deadline December 31st is coming!

Now we're into November we can start talking about December. It's a busy time of year for us not only because of the festive season but because non-resident tax declarations have to be in by December 31st. This article provides information about non-resident property taxes.

Our clients can take pleasure in the fact that they need do NOTHING at this time. For anyone who is a non-resident Spanish property owner who isn't a client, read this article and do something…quickly!

In the news

With the Spanish general election over yet another country has changed its political party. A turbulent and troubled Europe is desperately seeking a solution. Will the PP party be the solution for Spain?

They've certainly got a tough job ahead but have the advantage of a comfortable majority receiving 53% of the votes as opposed to the socialist party (PSOE) who received just 31%.

No coalition needed here. Rajoy will now replace Zapatero as president with everyone hoping that a brighter outlook will follow a change of government.

The Spanish Economy

If you're a numbers person and financial information is what tickles your fancy then you might like to visit 'the Spanish economy' website. It's in English and includes slides, summaries and succinct information about how Spain is managing its budget.

I can't vouch for what's on here or advise you of any underlying message. However, I did find the slides 'General Overview Spanish Economy' accessible. It is an indication that the Spanish Government do want to convey in English that they have things in hand. Access it at:

It's official - Spain is cool

But so are America and Brazil according to a poll of 30,000 people across the world. When asked which is the coolest country by social networking site, the US came out top, followed by Brazil and Spain in front of Italy and France. Least cool? Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Canada and Germany. Britain? Came in sixth out of 15 countries - above half way, that's cool enough for me.

That special little gift - on the forums

There was an interesting discussion on one of the forums about what traditional Spanish gift you could take home with you for friends. There were a number of suggestions:

- Biscuits (Spanish looking ones of course)

- Turrón

- Hand made woven baskets (apparently someone makes them in San Miguel de Salinas)

- Ceramic bits and pieces

- Salt (always useful in the winter for non-residents)

Perhaps most interesting was the fact that someone asked whilst visiting Spain 'where can I get something Spanish?'! To see the discussion:

What would you recommend?

If you're a resident in Spain and looking to send a gift back that's a little more English than Spanish you might try This website has been launched by the same people who did (one we told you about earlier)


Have you heard of U3A?

That's The University of the Third Age. They are a self-help, self-managed lifelong learning co-operative for older people who are no longer in full-time work. They have branches all over Spain and organise social events as well as opportunities for learning new skills and improving some old ones! For example, you might learn a new hobby such as patchwork or improve your driving in Spain. Torrevieja branch
is the parent site of the U3A trust. Javea branch Costa Del Sol branch
Links to other U3A sites can be found at

A round of golf?

I don't think we've featured golf in the newsletter yet. That's about to change. Many of you will already have your courses and your handicaps but for those who don't or just haven't found their drive in Spain they might like to try visiting The Golf Factory at or Costa Calida Golf Tours

I'm not an expert or even a novice myself but these websites do seem to cover a number of courses. Any further recommendations for helping golfers get in the swing, will be gratefully received.

Another radio station

Recommended by one of our clients is Radio station TRE (Talk Radio Europe). It includes news, discussions, guests, music to suit different musical tastes and topical items. You can find it between 88.4 to 101.5¨depending upon where you are. The website is:

Santa Barbara Castle above the town, Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle above the town

You have your say…

Keeping the ants out

Another request - and some more helpful suggestions. An Ábaco client wanted to know how to keep the ants out of his house. You suggested:

- A can of oro sprayed inside the house keeps them away for a year - make sure you wear a mask though (our health and safety warning for this newsletter!)

- Maton can be sprayed on the ground and kills cockroaches, ants or anything else that walks across it - the effect lasts about 6 months even when it rains. Spray it on the ground and put pets indoors for about 30 minutes while you spray

- Neat Listerine mouthwash around door frames and window frames. Don't allow the liquid to touch the rubber seals (makes you wonder what it does to your gums!)

- Slices of lemon strategically placed and replaced regularly - smells better than vinegar

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