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ÁbacoTaxes Total Service Pack for Residents

ÁbacoTaxes offers you in one pack all the legal and tax services you need throughout the year to be worry-free about your assets in Spain

Includes the 2022 Spanish property tax return for residents (payable in 2023) inclusive of all co-owners and all properties.

Personal attention from a specialist adviser of your own nationality. Our priority is to be available to you.

Helping you to ensure that you are not paying tax in two countries.

Key services included in ÁbacoTaxes.

Stress free Spanish taxes
  First appointment and personal study of your fiscal situation in Spain Yes
  Second appointment and explanation of your tax return Yes
  Help to ensure that you are not paying tax in two countries Yes
  Presentation of your Income Tax for 2022 Yes
  Dealing with payment of Council Tax (I.B.I) Yes
  Personal tax representation before the Spanish Tax Authorities Yes
From the comfort of your own home
  Download your Spanish tax declaration Yes
  Access your tax file showing what, when and how much you have paid in taxes Yes
  Receive pre-payment tax reminders Yes
  Personal attention from a specialist advisers of your own nationality Yes
Help, advice and communication throughout the year
  Ábaco On-line. Full communication on the internet More info Yes
  Ábaco Help-line. Immediate tax and legal advice from our specialists More info Yes
  Ábaco Magazine. Bi-annual magazine sent to your home in Spain or abroad More info Yes
  Ábaco Newsletter. Monthly updates about visiting and living in Spain More info Yes
Free anual appointments and consultations about tax and legal issues
  Advice for property purchase or sale Yes
  Advice about transfer tax notifications Yes
  Mortgage advice and arrangement for a property purchase Yes
  Advice about making a Spanish Will Yes

All services included

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